Barrier Methods of Birth Control

What exactly are barrier methods of birth control?

Barrier methods of birth control act as barriers to keep the male’s sperm from reaching the female’s egg. Some barrier methods can also protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). A few barrier methods such as spermicide, condom, and sponge can be bought in most pharmacies. Others (diaphragm and cervical cap) must be prescribed by a healthcare professional.

How effective can be the barrier methods of birth control in preventing pregnancy?

Barrier methods are not as effective at preventing pregnancy as other birth control methods, such as the birth control implant, injection, or intrauterine device. Almost 25% women per year will become pregnant when using barrier methods. They work best when they are used correctly every time when you have sex . One act of sex without using a barrier method can result in pregnancy. If your barrier method breaks or becomes dislodged during sex, or if you forget or are unable to use it, the better you want to consider using emergency contraception.