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Abortion Services

All women of reproductive time are faced with decision regarding whether or when to accept a child. We expect each female to make

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OB/Gyn Services

In addition to pregnancy terminations, Her Care offers full obstetric and gynecologic services, including basic infertility and major hospital

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STD Testing

There is no single test for every sexually transmitted disease — tests are specific to each infection. Some infections can be found using different kinds of tests.

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Birth Control

People have used birth control methods for thousands of years. Today, we have many safe and effective birth control methods available to us

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PAP Test

A Pap test is a test of a sample of cells taken from a woman’s cervix or vagina. The test is used to look for changes in the cells of the

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LA Medical Care is one of the most advanced infertility treatment facilities. We are proud to provide the top care los angeles.

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Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding is a common reason for women of all ages to consult their family physicians. Terms used to describe patterns of

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Pelvic Mass

Having a healthy pregnancy is one of the best ways to promote a healthy birth. Getting early and regular prenatal care improves the

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The field of Urogynecology is dedicated to the treatment of women with pelvic floor disorders such as urinary or fecal incontinence and

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