HER Smart Choice Women’s Health Center Educational Series Presents ‘Why Do You Need A Nexplanon Implant?’

The Nexplanon Etonogestrel Implant is a single-rod progestin contraceptive placed subdermally in the inner upper arm for long-acting reversible contraception in women. The rod slowly releases etonogestrel into the body over a 3-year period.   

Etonogestrel is similar to a natural hormone made in your body. The efficacy of the single-rod implant was studied in clinical trials involving 20,648 cycles of use. Only 6 pregnancies occurred in the clinical trial population (2 pregnancies in each year of the 3 year clinical trial).   Fewer than 1 out of 100 women who use the contraceptive implant for one year will get pregnant.  An analysis of 11 clinical trials including 942 women enrolled for two to four years reported the etonogestrel implant was well-tolerated and effective with little to no side-effects.  


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