I went to this clinic recently , i made appointment over the phone i was so nervous about the whole pregnancy thing because it was unplanned and i had no job or any other income , they told me that they will help me out with the program for people with low income . I went to the clinic and the staff were friendly enough to give me all the paper work once i told them i am there to apply for the low income insurance .once i filled out the papers they did a pregnancy test and put me in room where doctor did ultrasound and told me i was 8 weeks pregnant and explained to me all the options i had . I choose to go for the medical pill . Everything went smoothly and they didnt charge me a penny . After 2 weeks i went for followup which was also free and they signed me up for family planning program where i can get free std checkup and birth control .This is a very friendly place , if you are looking for a nice place and low cost this is the place I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.