HER Smart Choice Women’s Health Center Educational Series Presents ‘Who Needs To Get Their Tubes Tied? And Why?’

It is the most common method of contraception worldwide, used by 19% of all women 15 to 49 years old. In the U.S., one out of every four couples relies on sterilization (vasectomy or tubal ligation) as their form of birth control. While 25.1% of contracepting women undergo female sterilization, while only 8.2% of men undergo male sterilization.

One needs to be 21 years and above to be eligible for this procedure. If you’re sure you don’t want kids, or more kids, a permanent birth control may be for you. 

Doctors consider it to be a low-risk procedure and it is 99.5% effective. Female sterilization permanently prevents pregnancy and you no longer need any type of birth control. Every day more women choose this definitive contraceptive method after having completed their family planning.  Tubal ligation is also considered one of the most popular forms of birth control worldwide, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

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