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We are one of the best private women’s abortion clinic in Los Angeles, CA. For low-income households, sometimes it becomes hard to find a good abortion clinic or Gynecologist. We provide you with thorough consultation and treatment details


Medical abortion

Unwanted pregnancy can put a lot of stress on the physical and mental health of a woman. In such situation, Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) or Abortion can be a blessing for her.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation or Tightening is a broad term for vaginal corrective procedures that are intended to enhance a women’s genital appearance, sexual experiences and quality of life.


If you are unhappy with the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sunken in cheeks and other common signs of aging, Injectables can fill out those lines and plump up your cheeks or lips.


Laser hair removal as well as Laser Tattoo removal techniques have advanced immensely in recent years and HerMedSpa remains on the cutting edge to provide better results.

Throughout time, people have used various methods of birth control. Today’s medical advances provide us with many safe and effective birth control methods.

STD testing is very quick, easy, and it usually doesn’t hurt. STD testing may include a urine test or a cheek swab where you rub the inside of your cheek with a soft swab to test for HIV.

If you’re looking into your options for birth control, one method you may want to think about is the IUD. An IUD is a tiny device that’s inserted in your uterus. It’s long-term, reversible, and one of the most effective birth control methods.